Welcome to Mile of Limes. I am Margaret M. O’ Toole, creative writer. I spend my time dreaming up worlds, with characters and stories that keep me wanting to see what they will do next.

A worm ate words. I thought that wonderfully
Strange – a miracle – when they told me a crawling
Insect had swallowed noble songs.
A night-time thief had stolen writing
So famous, so weighty. But the bug was foolish
Still, though its belly was full thought.

– Anonymous 10th Century

This little poem from hundreds of years ago would have held a pure fascination for me as a child, had I read it then. To dream up and see a worm that meandered it’s way through volumes and volumes of books gobbling up words, would have been the ultimate magic trick for me.

Books, books of all and any type; this is where I gained my love of stories. I always had my head in a book, I was always questioning people, what their days were like? why they went to far off places? I spent most of my time dreaming up fabulous and marvelous stories of strangers and foreign soil. And, I still do.

So now, if you have a little time to spare I have decided to share some of my stories with you.

I’ve separated my writings into groups; Arena, Observations and Project. Arena, will be pieces that are complete, they will convey a story from start to finish. Observations, is as it describes, a group of writing that will concentrate on aspects of people or everyday life, that has piqued my interest on that particular day. Finally, works in progress will construct Projects. These may be extracts from a larger piece, or some pieces that I will have written in response to collaborations or interactions with others.

If you only visit once, or become a frequent visitor my wish is that you will find this little patch of the internet worth your time and will take something away with you. If you have any comments or queries you can contact me at #.

Let the worm eat the words and let it pass onto another.

Slán, Margaret


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