Silent Waters

This last while I have been concentrating on two projects, one a long fiction piece and the second a smaller poetry project. The poetry project came about as a way to refocus my mind when I hit a wall on the longer project. That was the original idea, however that is not what has happened. Instead I seem to keep returning to one poem in particular, which I know has a longer path, much long than usual, but it will take some time to complete. Therefore, for this installation I will show you the first three stanzas, none of which is completely finished, and I will hopefully reach the end before the end of summer…

The working title for the moment is Silent Waters, but I have feeling this will change umpteen times before the end. I am one of those for whom titles are an ordeal. It must be nice to know a title from the start, maybe I will have a piece where that will happen someday.

Silent Waters

A boat on silent waters
Resting against heavy stone.
Water bound ropes slitter to the cold below,
The stone quay and heavy iron dwindle
Into the dark of lost sight

Aboard lies a small soul
bedraggled hair and green eyes
Torn nails and cut elbows.
Laid on the bed top dreaming
Into the dark of the coming waters.

Through frog-eyed portholes
A flicker of light winks back to shore
The alarm raised, ringing loud into all houses
Rushing into boots and boats
Into the dark of cresting motion.

Knees bend in rhythm
To the dipping white horse heads.
Searing lights skim the crests
And highlights the gorges and up slopes
Into the dark of the deadly black.