66º Fjallabyggð

Listhús Residency is glad to invite all the community of Fjallabyggð to the multidiciplinary exhibition that will take place on the 31st October in Listhús Gallery.

66º Fjallabyggð corresponds to the region around Ólafsfjörður, which all the artists of Listhús Residency have been influenced by to produce the work that will be exhibited on this day. Yet all artists have responded in various ways; Abigail from the work space, Constanza with the Blue hour/ Darkness and the plants of the area, Nicolaj from the natural landscape and Margaret as a background for her story.

Art, music and words will give body to this collective exhibition composed by:

Constanza Gazmuri will be showing a series of photographs taken during the blue hour and also some studio photography of plants from the local area. Both are considered work in progress of the research that she is doing around the concept of darkness and the resistance of species in the context of low light and extreme weather.

Abigail Blueher uses the visual language and culture of mass media to create an alternate language with its own landscapes, myths and ideals.

Nicolaj Wamberg, musician and video performer, showing different ways of interacting with nature. The pieces composed reflect his perception of the local environment and the thoughts that arise from this experience.

Margaret O’ Toole Come and hear an extract from her story set around this area.

One woman, six lives and one town. A magician with threads and colour. She weaves life around her. Secrets are her currency.

Eru allir velkomnir!!

My adventures with the Björgunarsveitin Tindur in Ólafsfjörður

The alarm bleeps on the bedside locker. I silence it quickly, so as not to wake the whole house and I slide out of bed. The heat is high and the radiators are scalding to touch, only the darkness outside alerts you know the ungodliness of the hour. Stars wink hello while everyone slumbers. A splash of water and some minty fresh breath and then back to my room to dress. I had the foresight to lay my clothes out the previous night. All the clothes that I will be wearing today besides my hat and gloves have been very generously loaned to me by the marvellously impressive Lára Stefánsdóttir.

Soft wool lies directly next to my skin. The next layers are all wool of varying percentages with a final top layer. This is the best layer; a fabulous hand knitted patch-work like jumper of a tan and blue squares. It was the perfect topping for my look of steadfast warmth and solidity. The jumper was scratchier than the inner vest but the moment I put it on my core temperature climbed. I knew I was in the best clothes to survive whatever the weather would throw at me. Standing in my room with only a small bedside light on and the sounds of a sleeping house I felt like a character from a pantomime – the goodie or the baddie I hadn’t decided yet!

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Sojourn in Iceland; Baptising Impressions

The plane banks to the right, the engines rev, just a little. The thick layer of marshmallowy clouds remain above and the plane descends. Through the grubby plastic oblong window the view clarifies. I can see planes, cars, roadways, houses and people milling about. All planted into the black and green land like alien toys. Toys that have been erected and laid out with immense precision to better enjoy the game?

Iceland – inviting the plane load to disembark, explore and . . .

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